Birth Control Techniques

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Birth Control Techniques
Birth control is a process of regulating the population through planning and avoiding unwanted pregnancies. It is also known as fertility control or contraception. Birth control techniques are the different means or methods that are used prevent unwanted pregnancies. The act of controlling birth has been used since the beginning of civilization although the ancient’s techniques were not safe nor effective compared with those used from the 20th C. The art of planning, availing and using birth control is known as family planning. The practice of birth control is not acceptable in all culture or religion. It is discouraged in some culture because it is considered
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The development of technology and innovation is facilitating the discovery of more efficient and reliable birth control techniques that serve to protect the user from sexual infections. This is unlike the traditional methods that only prevented pregnancy to some extent (Policy 12-34).
The importance of birth control cannot be ignored in the current society. Its effects are felt and seen at the individual level, family level, and country level and even in the entire world. This is because uncontrolled population causes conflicts on the limited resources as people struggle to survive in situations of uncontrolled birth. Birth control gives an individual or individuals the privilege to decide when to have a child and to limit the number of children that one can easily raise. Proper family planning
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Some of these include sterilization in males using vasectomy and intrauterine devices (IUDs), tubal ligation and birth control by implantation in the case of a female. Other safe methods include hormone-based like oral pills, vaginal rings, injections, and patches. This cannot be complete without mentioning that there are those methods of this control that are considered to be less effective. Nevertheless; some people still opt to use them for their reasons. The techniques that are termed to be less effective in birth control are the physical barriers methods. These include birth and diaphragms control sponges, condoms and the method of fertility awareness. Withdrawal and spermicides are also controlled methods though they are considered to be the least effective. They apply to men, especially before ejaculation. Unlike all the other methods of birth control which are all reversible almost immediately one stops using them; sterilization is not. This is regardless of its high effectiveness (Marston
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