Heroic Qualities In Beowulf, Odysseus And Gilgamesh

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All epic heroes have many similar qualities. Bravery, courage, and strength are all examples of similar qualities that most heroes share. "Beowulf," Odysseus, and Gilgamesh all have similar heroic qualities. "Beowulf" is a price of the Geats. He is the strongest warrior and is incredibly brave. But "Beowulf" is greedy, vain and has terrible morals. All he wants out of life is gold and fame. Gilgamesh, Odysseus and "Beowulf" all have different qualities. All of the hero 's qualities affect their story in a different way. Every different way the hero acts will have different effects on the outcome of their story. Some of their actions will make the ending of their story better. And some of the hero 's actions will make the ending of their story…show more content…
For instance, "Beowulf" is strong and brave but he is also vain and greedy. "Beowulf 's" heroic qualities most definitely affect his story. Usually the epic heroes would go through a change. They would have a change of heart or would learn from their pilgrimage. They would see the enormous picture and would learn from all of their mistakes that they had made. Except for "Beowulf." He wanted the same that he has always wanted since day one. And that is gold and fame. He is motivated by riches and fame. He does not change throughout the entire story. All he wants in life is gold all the way up to his death. "Beowulf" would relish in the thought of getting richer and gaining fame. "Beowulf" fought the infamous Grendel. After "Beowulf" killed Grendel all he wanted…show more content…
Near the beginning of Gilgamesh 's story Gilgamesh is young, and arrogant. But as he gets to the end of his story he realizes the mistakes he has made and we 'll have to live with them for the rest of his life. Gilgamesh was feared and hated by many of the people who lived in Erech. One of the reasons being are because of how he made the children work for him and how he took any maiden he wanted and raped them. Gilgamesh became best friends with "Enkidu." "Enkidu" trusts Gilgamesh with his life. Besides, Gilgamesh trusts "Enkidu." Gilgamesh really does value his friendship with "Enkidu." "Enkidu" would do whatever Gilgamesh wanted to do. Even if "Enkidu" was not entirely up for it. Gilgamesh always would somehow convince/persuade "Enkidu" to do whatever he wanted to do and "Enkidu" put so much faith and trust into his best friend that he never said no. This would most definitely cost "Enkidu" his life in end. "Enkidu" died because he helped kill the heavenly bull. The heavenly bull would bring seven years of famine. This means that the people could no longer gorge on the food that they used to have. The gods were mad at "Enkidu" and they killed him. Their friendship meant the world to Gilgamesh. Gilgamesh wanted to be immortal so that he would be able to escape death. Therefore, that is not what it was
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