Different Types Of Nonverbal Communication

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When people communicate among themselves, majority of the exchange is done by body movements or language this is known as non verbal communication. Some people use this as a way to enhance the message being sent to the receiver. “We express our overall style of communicating nonverbally. In effect, nonverbal communication functions as the language of relationships” ( Kuparinen 1992).Some non verbal communicators can be dictated different by another culture in some areas. The differences vary among cultures in some areas. These are some nonverbal gestures that I have come to find out while interacting with several different cultures in my profession and personal life. They are appearance, tone, space, eye contact, gestures, etc.
When I was stationed in Camp Casey Korea, I went to drill training in Japan for 3 days with several other soldiers. Upon arrival in Camp Fuji, we were given a short tour of the base and I noticed that every time the Japanese people greeted us they bowed instead of shaking our hands. I then asked one of the Japanese/American soldier if there was a reason for this and he stated that this was how they greeted people instead of shaking hands. A deep nod signifies respect, while a short nod is for casual greeting. In the some cultures shaking hands is a common way to greet people. In South Korea when you travel on the transportation bus, the military soldiers are always loud on the buses. I noticed the locals to be very quiet. I later learned
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