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In today’s life, online shopping is become more and more popular. Online shopping have a very big potential development in the future, so it could bring a wonderful life style to the human. Actually, different kinds of online shopping have a huge difference. It includes two main types: B2C and C2C. B2C is the company to the consumers and C2C is the customers get exchanged with each other. However, different kinds of online shopping have different kinds of advantages and disadvantages.
Actually, in 1960, the primary eCommerce is the EDI (Electronic Data Charge), around the world, the railroad industry was the first to use the EDI. As the same time, other transportation industry also follow the EDI to carry out electronic transactions. Aldrich
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For the customers, when they want to buy a stuff, they could buy it at any time and any places. At the same time, the online shopping could let the customers to get the products from different regions and the customers could not worried about the lack of products. And for the companies, they will have the advantages of the unlimited of the storage and the unlimited spaces for the management, etc. The online shopping companies could have lots of customers from different regions instead of the regular shopping companies could only have the customers from one city. Also, the online shopping customers could make selections for items from all around the world instead of the customers do not use online shopping that could only make selections from only one region. Therefore, the unlimited benefits on online shopping is not only for the customers but also for the companies.
Low cost for control:
For the companies, the online shopping could not only help them to bring more customers but also have the low cost. For a regular store, the owners need to pay the rents of space and the salary for the stuffs that help them to make services for the customers. So, when a store owner sell for an item, they need to deduct the different proportional of the costs; however, an online company owner just need to deduct a little costs, so that could greatly increased the profits of items.
Overall, online shopping is not only give benefits
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In the real life, the influences of online shopping is immensely by the popularization of cell phones. Cell phones are more flexible compared with the computers and laptops so that customers could use the cell phones for online shopping anytime they want. At the same time, the industry of expression is also a key to influence online shopping. A country’s express industry development decides the safety and efficiency of online shopping. In USA, the efficiency of online shopping is very slowly because of the population density is very small. That causes less people work on express and the underdeveloped of the industry could make a low efficient for online shopping. In China, the high population make the industry of expression improved a lot and it causes the efficiency of online shopping improved a
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