Quantitative Research: The Different Types Of Research Methods

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The first question is about the different types of research design. Burns and Grove (2003, P195) define the research design as “a blueprint for conducting a study with maximum control over factors that may interfere with the validity of the findings”. There are three types of research; Quantitative research, Qualitative research and Mixed method research. Research is an approach or method of data collection and analysis that leads the research to either quantitative or qualitative and most often a mixture of both. Quantitative research may require some sort of qualitative data analysis and vice versa. In my opinion, some researches are more quantitative such as survey oriented researches and others are more qualitative for example researches…show more content…
These researches apply with numbers and statistics, and to measure a trend and concepts. There are different concepts of quantitative research like survey, control, and measurement. (Bolden& Moscarola, 2000). Survey researches involve large number of subjects drawn from a defined population such as a survey on the advantages and disadvantages of co-education in Oman. Control concept is used to maximize the amount of control over the research situation and variables in order to increase the probability that findings accurately reflect the reality of the situation being studied like studying the importance of drinking pomegranate juice on health. Measurement concept could be; nominal such as pass/fail, single/ married and divided into number of categories, ordinal like greatest to least and best to worst, and ratio like height and weight.
Qualitative research relies on the collection of verbal data. There are some major types of qualitative research like the following:
1. Phenomenology research which shows how one or more individuals experience an incident. For example, we might interview 20 students and ask them to describe their experiences of failing a specific course.
2. Ethnography research describes the culture of certain group of people such as the Jabali communities in Salalah (Oman) and study their culture and daily life
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It provides an understanding of the problem, help to develop ideas for supporting quantitative research (Snapsurveys, 2016). I believe that qualitative research brings opinions or hypotheses and goes deeper into the issues or problems. There are many techniques used to collect the data like focus groups, conducting interviews and observations. I think the sample size here is small and the sampling is selected to fulfill the subject of study. For example, my friend is studying the role of heritage in attracting foreigners to Oman. She used to make interviews with foreigners to gain an understanding of opinions and motivations.
Quantitative research is used to generate numerical data to measure a problem. It is used to underline results covering large sample of population (Bolden& Moscarola, 2000). I think quantitative research transforms the data to formulate facts in the research. There are many methods used to collect the data like surveys and systematic observations. For example, for my studying of employee attitudes towards job satisfaction in Oman Medical Specialty Board, I will distribute online surveys for the staff to measure their satisfaction on the
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