Different Types Of Social Moebility And Social Mobility

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Isabella Piccini Carlos Lopez SOC 204 3-20-18 1) There are a few different types of social mobility. Intragenerational mobility is how a person moves up or down the social ladder during their lifetime. Intergenerational mobility is the movement in social position across generations. For example, your position and occupation compared to your parents, and your parents general position compared to your grandparents. Absolute mobility is when you move up or down in absolute terms; Making progress in your own life, while relative mobility is how you move up or down in social position compared to the rest of society. In my own family, social mobility is going up. My mother when she was a child lived in poverty, whereas now she makes 100,000 a year. She is able to support me in my education and this helps to put me ahead of some of my peers. Race, gender, ethnicity, and education are all contributing factors. Being caucasian does give us an advantage as we are less liking to move down in our social mobility, but since we are both female, the odds of leaving our current situations is small compared to men. It’s pretty common to stay in the same class group as your parents. Horizontal social mobility is when people work in a different occupation than their parents, but remain in similar social positions. There are many factors that can change one 's social mobility but the combination of race, gender, education, the economy, and past trends can be a helpful indicator. 2.) Social

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