Classification Of Sentencing

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A sentence is a punishment given to the defendant if him/her is found guilty of the crime at hand. They are different criteria set out to determine what type of sentence one will receive. These include the age of the offender, the seriousness of the crime, the aggravating and mitigating factors, whether the defendant pleaded guilty and other factors pertaining to the age of the offender (whether it is an adult or youth offender. Seeing as they are different sentencing guidelines and types of sentences given to the defendant depending on his/her this essay will be split into two parts.
They are three main classifications of sentences for both youth and adults; custodial sentence, fines, community sentence and whole life orders and maximum life
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This sentence can last for up to three years and entails development of the youth. It aims at reducing the occurrence of repeated offences and keeping the youth out of custody and in the outside world. Some of the requirements of a youth rehabilitation sentence are curfew requirements were the offender must not be seen outside the house before and after a specified time, drug test requirements carried out to ensure the offender is not reverting to drug habits (which may have gotten him/her arrested) and education requirements which ensures the offender attends school on a daily basis. Therefore, youth rehabilitation is a form of community sentence sentencing to a great extent as it is shaping someone to ensure the succeed and make something of themselves in society instead of becoming a repeat offender and eventually going to…show more content…
Breach of the conditions can result in the offender serving the remainder of his/her initial sentence (up to 6 month) in prison.This can be see, to the full extent, as a rehabilitation and community sentence as the offender has to comply to and conditions given which may include doing unpaid work in the community, abiding by a curfew, taking drug tests and addiction classes and many others.Meanwhile, A community order encompasses both the characteristics of a reparation/community and a retribution sentence. A Community Order is imposed for minor offences which do not warrant custody, meaning your punishment will be carried out in the community instead of prison. A Community Order is made up of one or more ‘requirements’ that the court orders you to do. These include unpaid work, drug rehabilitation, supervision and many
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