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Differentiated instruction is a development or process to approach a way of teaching and learning for students with different skills and assessments in the same class. The determination of differentiating instruction is to enlarge each student’s development and individual achievement by gathering each student where as he/she is assisting in the learning development. It helps students with varied needs to learn using a wide-ranging curriculum. In most classrooms, whether in a private school or public school; you will notice that there are students of different cultures, who are learning in different ways. There are three key types of learning styles: auditory, visual, and kinesthetic. Most students learn through mixing of the three sorts of learning styles, but everyone is different. Certain students are auditor learners, which means they learn by listening to things that being clarified than reading about them. Rehearsing material loudly and maybe having music in the background might be a well-known as of a studying technique.…show more content…
The class that I chose for my practicum is a first grade class that entirely contains of bilingual students. The students in Mrs. Seyam’s class are either higher their grade level or below their grade level. According to Mrs. Seyam, no one in the class is in a grade level. Thus, she uses different methods of teaching for all of her students to be in the same page. As I observed the classroom throughout her teaching to understand if any differentiated instruction was used. I only observed it being used through reading time. The students are allocated books according to their reading level and when it comes to reading time, they get the chance to choose from four different types of reading techniques. The students can follow up on reading while listening to it on a tape recorder, having a talk about it, or watching a video about it on the

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