Differentiated Learning Assessment Strategies

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Assessment Strategies for Differentiated Learning 1. Differentiated Learning Differentiated learning is a technique that used in some classrooms that caters to the individual needs of each student. Teachers use several types of activities and methods in order to teach their classroom. Differentiated instruction gives students options on how to take in information, and ideas. Additionally, it can help them to show the teacher what they have learned in other ways instead of just taking a test. Teachers are cautious about using differentiated instruction because they think there is too much work involved or it takes too much time to plan. In fact, differentiated learning is proactive, qualitative, rooted in assessment, a blend of individual and group instruction and…show more content… Lastly, here is an example of assessment strategies in practice at Forest Lake Elementary School, Columbia, South Carolina where differentiated instruction is always present. Educators use frequent formative assessments to determine the needs of each student at Forest Lake Elementary School, and then leverage technology to tap into their learning styles. div> References 1. Hallahan, D. P., Kauffman, J.M., Lloyd, J.W., Martinez, E.A., & Weiss, M.P. Learning Disabilities: Foundations, Characteristics, and Effective Teaching. Pearson Education Inc: Upper Saddle River, 2005. 2. Bos, Candace S., Schumm, Jeanne S., and Vaughn, Sharon R. Teaching Students Who Are Exceptional, Diverse, and At Risk in the General Education Classroom. Pearson Education Inc: Upper Saddle River, 2011. 3. Allan, Susan D., Tomlinson, Carol Ann. Leadership for Differentiating Schools and Classrooms. ASCD: Alexandria, VA, 2000. 4. Tomlinson, Carol Ann. How to Differentiate Instruction in Mixed-Ability Classrooms 2nd Edition. ASCD: Alexandria, VA, 2001. 5. 6.
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