Essay About Being Successful

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A lot of people see success differently, but is being well-liked an aspect that you need to be successful? If you ask random people how they view success it would vary from person to person. Asking a high end CEO verses someone working for a fastfood place will have differing opinions on what success means. Differing ideas of what makes someone successful will have differing requirements to be successful. Being well-liked is not essential to future success because success is measured differently by each person. Being successful in business is not measured by how liked you are, but rather your skill level and qualifications in that area. Employers do not just hire anyone who wants a job, hence why people need résumés. It is also why people…show more content…
When asked what makes you successful, a few answers people usually give are: happiness, having a stable income, and having a family. Success is not just one set thing that everyone seeks, but rather something that is different for each person you meet. For me, being successful would be to have a stable income. Being able to have enough money to support myself and family, as well as having some extra to not have to worry about bills would make me feel successful in life. My parents saw success as being able to give both my brother and I a good education so that we would not have to worry about struggling later in life when we are on our own. They want us to do better in life than they did for themselves. Being well-liked would have little to no effect on any of these forms of success. When I asked my grandmother what success was to her she told me that it is enjoying everything you do and being healthy enough to do the things you want to do. She does everything she loves to do such as work, go for walks, and spend time with family. Her idea of success does not require her to be well liked by anybody outside of family. It is almost impossible to hate a family member especially a grandparent. My grandmother is happy and feels successful because she is still healthy and happy even at the age of 77. Everyone sees success as a different thing, making the things required to be successful different as
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