Differing Ideas Of Success In Arthur Miller's Death Of A Salesman

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A lot of people see success differently, but is being well-liked an aspect that you need to be successful? If you ask random people how they view success it would vary from person to person. Asking a high end CEO verses someone working for a fastfood place will have differing opinions on what success means. Differing ideas of what makes someone successful will have differing requirements to be successful. Being well-liked is not essential to future success because success is measured differently by each person. Being successful in business is not measured by how liked you are, but rather your skill level and qualifications in that area. Employers do not just hire anyone who wants a job, hence why people need résumés. It is also why people who want to go into certain professions go to college, graduate and get degrees. In the play, Death of a Salesman, Willy mentions that Bernard is not well-liked by others and that his sons, Happy and Biff, will be successful when they are older because people will like them. Later in life Willy’s sons are not very successful with Biff just bouncing around being unable to keep a job and Happy has stayed in New York and worked as a salesman, but his name is not well known yet. Bernard on the other hand graduated high school and most likely went to college. He is now a successful lawyer. This is demonstrated when Willy stops into Charley’s office and observes Bernard as he is getting ready to head out to the Supreme Court. Outside of the

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