Difficult Decision In Macbeth And Lather And Nothing Else

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When people encounter a difficult decision, it is really hard for them to make the right choice, as they have to look at all the potential difficulties they might face. “Macbeth” by Shakespeare and “Lather and Nothing Else” by Hernando Tellez both express the theme that when faced with a difficult decision, one should determine the consequences by analyzing their identity because an individual should obey their internal self rather that following the rules that their society determines for them. Macbeth” and “Lather and Nothing Else” show how an individual is given multiple routes but their conscience can affect their duty, as well as, the after-effects the characters have to face. Both the stories “Macbeth” and “Lather and Nothing Else” demonstrate different options given to the main characters and how they make use of it. Starting off with Macbeth, he is given the option to either Kill Duncan and become the new king or let things go the way they are. Macbeth personally is hesitant about this decision and believes that this will ruin his reputation and he will also in a sense betray his king as he was a soldier before. However, this does not satisfy his wife, Lady Macbeth…show more content…
To start off with, Macbeth looks at different options given to him, analyzes them and finally decides what to do. Thought Lady Macbeth had a big role in his final decision, he still agreed to it and went against his morals. In the other hand, the barber shows wisdom by following his conscience and looking at all the possible consequences he might face after making his final verdict. It is better to make a decision while looking at all the risks that may occur because an individual does not get the opportunity again to fix their previous

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