Difficulties In Hamlet

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Ham Wreck In the play Hamlet written by William Shakespeare, addresses the tragedies the main character Hamlet faces while slowly drifting into insanity. Difficulties arise throughout the play not only towards Hamlet, as well as the other characters involved . The play begins with the death of the King, Hamlet’s father. His mother, Queen Gertrude remarried his uncle Claudius, who becomes the new king. Hamlet is a story filled with calamity. Hamlet’s uncle Claudius kills his own brother in order to become king, then moves forward marrying the king 's widow. The tragic event powered by the death of his father becomes too overwhelming for Hamlet. Queen Gertrude exhibits no emotion towards the death of her husband and tells Hamlet to leave…show more content…
Tragedy continues as Hamlet and Laertes battle at a duel set up by the King. King Claudius has set up a plan to poison Hamlet. The queen drinks Hamlets poisoned wine and dies. The king is to blame. Hamlet is furious and kills King Claudius, Laertes strikes Hamlet with his poisoned sword and then is killed by his own poison. Hamlet exclaims as he takes his last breath “God will free you from blame. I’ll follow you to heaven in a minute.—I’m dying, Horatio.—Goodbye, miserable queen.—And all you people watching, pale and trembling, speechless spectators of these acts, I could tell you a thing or two if I had the time (though this cruel officer, Death, doesn’t allow much free time). Let it be.—Horatio, I’m dying. You’re alive. Tell everyone what happened; set the story straight.”(5.2.16) Hamlet wants the truth of his and the death of his parents to be announced that King Claudius is to blame for the misfortunes that have occurred. The play Hamlet is a tragedy, because William Shakespeare the author shows one catastrophe event leading to another. The audience learns tragedies can happen to anyone and happiness is never guaranteed. Hamlet is also a tragedy, because each scene has misfortunes which overpowers any good that has happened. Therefore creating a trainwreck of
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