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Students encounter difficulties in speaking and writing as productive skills and they consider them as the main skills that should be improved.
Definition of speaking skill
Speaking is the way people use to communicate with others and expressing meanings so that other people can make sense of them.
The challenges and difficulties that EFL encounter when learning Speaking skills that the English language is not their native language and also lack of confidence, most of the student do not like to speak in front of others because they afraid of making mistakes or they do not have enough vocabulary to communicate and speak with others, Sometimes they are not interested with the topic that teacher selected and the topic is not matching their age.
The teacher has to speak to the student and tell them that the only way to encounter the challenges and difficulties and improve
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The challenges that the EFL encounter when learning writing skill is that it requires the student to understand and interpret what has been written in addition to that writing skills are often the result of brainstorming and thinking that require professional skills and these skills are not developed naturally also the student or the writer must be aware of the sentence structure, vocabulary, punctuation and spelling which is very important when learning writing skill.
One of the most common challenges that the EFL encounter are the Grammar like ( Tense Errors , Errors in the use of Prepositions , Syntactical Errors, Subject-Verb Agreement , Articles , Punctuation Errors and spelling mistakes )
The Grammatical errors are the teacher responsibility because sometimes teachers focus on the rules and teach grammar items out of context and depend more on memorizing the grammatical rules and the practice is very limited , sometimes teachers use Arabic to simplify the grammatical

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