Difficulties In Teaching English

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A. Ravindra, Lecturer in English,
A.M.A.L. College, Anakapalli

Teaching English - Vocabulary, Grammar, Reading al fl Writing etc.
A child learns the four language skills listening, speaking, reading and writing quickly in his/ her mother tongue. In fact reading and writing are the predominant skills. In English, similarly the child should be exposed to a good deal of correct spoken English. Teaching English language in non-native countries like India, China, Japan, Pakistan etc., is very difficult. English language teachers find difficult in teaching though there are number of methods, approaches and techniques to teach it as a second language. At the same time students also feel difficult to learn English language because it
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. English language is the one among the fastest growing languages in the world. Every educationalist should accept English Language 's dominance and prominence. At present the whole world is shouting with a single tone about the importance of English language.
Of course Teachers of English language have their own problems to teach it to the students in different states in India only because it is not our mother tongue. At the same time students also cannot accept English language as they accept their mother tongue. They have some fear about it. This fear simply makes the students dumb.
A good language teacher opts for good methods to teach -tile language to the students. Firstly he tries to remove the fear among the students and th he makes them feel comfortable and enjoy the language learning. Basically a good language teacher should have some special skills to teach the language. An efficient teacher should possess the teaching skills of English language in order to develop suitable learning skills of English among his students effectively.
Vocabulary, grammar, reading and writing skills are the inseparable areas in language learning. Each part has its own
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Teachers feel some sort of difficulty to teach English to students of non¬native, only because it is not their mother tongue. But students show hundred percent interest to learn things by playing. So here play way method is suitable.
Georg Mano in his article "Classroom Activities for Building Vocabulary", he mentioned about all the preferable games, like Charades, Pictionary, Synonym, and Antonym Cards etc.
Charades is a well-known game, probably of French origin. Its rules are simple. One player looks at a piece a paper with a word or title written on it, then, without speaking, he/she uses gestures or acting to give clues to the other players, who try to guess what word or title is written in the paper.
Pictionary is a board game invented by the Parker Brothers Company. The original game has cards with words on them. One player looks at a ca=d and would draw a picture, while another player would try to guess which word the picture represents. Actually for the lower class students, these types of the games are not suitable. There the teacher needs to take the existing words for the games and see that the)i should be their of
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