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Analysis of the Wave Nature of Light through the Study of Diffraction and Interference Patterns Deligero, Lawrence1, Maquinto, Charles2, Payoran, John Aldrin3*, Raymundo, Francisco1 1Department of Mining Metallurgical and Materials Engineering 2Department Industrial Engineering and Operations Research 3Deparment of Geodetic Engineering College of Engineering, University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City 1101 Philippines *John Aldrin Payoran: johnaldrinpayoran@gmail.com Abstract In this conducted experiment, the wave-like characteristics of light were studied and observed. This was done using the concepts of interference and diffraction. Interference is exhibited when light passes through narrow slits. Due to constraints, a slit will always be of finite width; where light passes through it and emerge as sources of waves distributed continuously. First, the diffraction…show more content…
These constructive and destructive interferences produce patterns of bright and dark fringes called diffraction pattern. The objective of this experiment is find out how interferences affect the pattern of light, and what are other variables that describe this pattern. In this experiment, a laser diode lit upon a single slit and a double slit setup will be used to observe the diffraction pattern. When the light shines on a single slit on a certain distance, it will produce a diffraction pattern with a symmetric width. The single slit setup is dependent on the slit width, distance, and wavelength of light source and the experiment aims to find out the relationship between these variables. When two slits are placed in the setup, an additional diffraction pattern will be observed within the single slit diffraction. These new fringes are equal in width unlike the first diffraction. The two setups have their own equations and the problem is to find out the difference of the two

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