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The digestive system is made up of all sorts of different little pockets and organs. In class while we made the human digestive system out of recycled materials, it helped everyone in the class (the ones that patricated) what exated the main organs in the digestive system are. Also where they are mainly located in the body and the functions of them. Although it was hard at some points in the project, with trying to get certain materials to act as organ, it was a fun learning experience I think.

First things to start of the human digestive system is your mouth, teeth, and tongue. The mouth, teeth, and tongue are all very important steps to the digestive system. They all work together to get the food we consume to go easily through the esophagus …show more content…

In the small intestine this is where the nutrition and minerals in foods gets absorbed. The small intestine also is where the food goes from the stomach to the colon. Surprisingly, with all the work the small intestine does it is only about one inch in diameter, but it is about ten feet long. Which makes sense because the food has to be in it for a long time before its ready to leave the body. By the time the food is ready to enter the large intestine and the collen it is about ready to leave the anas (almost poop). The large intestine is what take the rest of the water out of the indigestible foods. Which is why when someone goes number two is why it smells bad, because when the water and other waste form the body goes together it smells bad. I learned that from the Magic School Bus back in 5th grade. Also this is when the food and waste starts to clump together and then when it is ready, it leave through the anus. The large intestine is way shorter than the small intestine, but it does have a thicker diameter. Finally, for my project, I used old furnace hoes to make both the large and small intestine. I connected the small intestine to the stomach. Then at the end I attacked the large intestine to the

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