Digging In By Robert Hastings

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Everyone has depression, but did you know on October 29, 1929 the whole US went into depression. People lost their jobs, people lost their homes and lot’s of other things. Every bits and piece was super valuable at that time. Some effects the Great Depression had on people at that time was people lost their money. In an article called Digging In by Robert Hastings a girl explains how importants every minute of light is. In the article “Digging In” she says “After supper we “turned off the light in the kitchen” and moved to the dining-sitting room, where another light was switched on. If we wanted to read on winter afternoons, we sat as near a window as possible, with the curtains pinned back, to save the lights until it was nearly dark” They didn’t have enough money to have the light on for longer. They have to save as much money possible for later important use. Another effect the Great Depression had on people at that time was people lost their jobs. In the article Digging In by Robert Hastings, the girl explains how people lost their jobs and they did everything to earn money. In the article Digging In by Robert Hastings she says “With simple barber tools…show more content…
In an article called “Debts” by Karen Hesse it explains how sad everyone is. In the article it says - “Daddy is thinking of taking a loan from Mr. Roosevelt and his men, to get some new wheat planted where the winter crop has spindled out and died. Mr. Roosevelt promises Daddy won’t have to pay a dime till the crop comes in. Daddy says, “I can turn the fields over, start again. It’s sure to rain soon. Wheat’s sure to grow.” Ma says, “What if it doesn’t?” Daddy takes off his hat, roughs up his hair, puts the hat back on. “Course it’ll rain,” he says.” this shows how much people needed food, so they went to get loans so they can get money to start growing
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