Digging Your Pants Essay

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Nowadays alot of young African American teenagers are sagging their pants more. Sagging your pants gives someone a negative perspective on the person someone may be just because of the way he or she dresses. Some people may consider them to be a “hoodlum”, gang member or even a drug dealer just because they dress like it. Not only do they judge you off how he or she dresses but also the community they live in and their surroundings. Coming from the ghetto and hanging around drug deals and gang bangers or members only shows that that person is going to be just like that. Never surround yourself with people associated with criminal things because they might also label he or she just like that person. On page 178 Asante says “Cuz being a ngh means you love nghz, so how could you love nghz if you tryna drug nghz?”…show more content…
They believe that they have no self respect for themselves because of the way they carry themselves. “Long barrel automatics released in short bursts, the length of black life is treated with short worth.” (Page 151) If someone doesn 't respect themselves why should they expect respect from other people. MK Asante was a very smart child and the people at school noticed that. He just was mixed in with the wrong crowd and went down the wrong road. “Uzi it hurts, leave you double-dead, I 'm a bubble head, I never listened to nothing my mother said” (Page 176) His mother warned him that the streets were no joke and that she didn 't want him hanging with his negative crew because they would only bring him down. MK was on the route of becoming just like Uzi and being put into jail because he was making the same bad decisions as his
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