Why Do Students Cheat?

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Student Ethics in the Digital Age Research Paper Rough Draft

Cheating is known widely around the United States of America, occurring mainly in High School and College students. Cheating can result in severe consequences. Cheating has become an ever present problem in schools today, starting in higher level education, students are finding it easier to cheat and feeling less guilty about it, disregarding the effects it has on them and others around and the consequences the students must face due to their actions.

Cheating seems to be a recurring problem for higher level education. In the article written by Tommy Raskin titled, “Why Students Cheat?” he states, “Much of schoolwork is not fun, engaging, or inspiring, and students only put up with it so they can graduate, go to college, and then reap the economic benefits they are promised for getting diplomas” (2). Students do not find school fun,
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In the article written by Tommy Raskin,titled,”Why Students Cheat?” he states, “When you see good test results, you think that cheaters have learned, when that really isn’t so” (2). Cheating gives the student a false state of mind, thinking it is the right thing to do so. If a student cheats and they pass that test or assignment, they have not really passed because they do not know the material enough on their own. Not only is it crazy the amount of students who cheat, but how they cheat.

The number of ways a student can cheat is ridiculous. In previous years, according to the article written by Thomas Darrin, titled, “Consequence of Cheating”, he states, “Common ways to cheat were notes written on their clothing or body, smartwatches or hidden cell phones, and even having another student take the test for them” (3). The ways to cheat that students have discovered are very clever, but also cause them serious consequences. A student cheating is a major risk they are clearly willing to
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