Digital Branding Strategy Analysis

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It is evaluated from the above graph and table that digital branding strategy is one of the most effective techniques that grasp the attention of consumers and most of the customers of Dior strongly agree with this fact. Moreover, the statistical table depicts that there is a massive difference between the mean and standard deviation values that depicts the data is widely spread. Question 2 Mean 20
Standard Error 7.30753
Median 13
Mode #N/A
Standard Deviation 16.34013
Sample Variance 267
Kurtosis -2.87628
Skewness 0.521452
Range 35
Minimum 5
Maximum 40
Sum 100
Count 5
The pie chart demonstrates that the majority of the female customers of Dior cosmetics have strongly agreed and agreed with the statement that with the help of effective digital
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Moreover, it is examined that with the help of effective digital branding strategy both the organisations can easily compete with their competitors. However, due to the competitive environment, it is important from the prospect of both the firms to consider digital branding in order to make appropriate use of technology. In addition to this, by posting daily content Dior and Lancôme can easily grow their online community for the purpose of generating customer’s traffic viably. Furthermore, managers of both the firms agree with the fact that the effective use of digital marketing would help them to attain their strategic goals and targets in an accurate manner. Additionally, it is noticed that managers agree with the point that by formulating micro-content Lancôme and Dior can easily generate more customer traffic and grow their online community to the utmost…show more content…
Many of the customers of the luxury cosmetics believe that through various digital platforms such as social media and websites, they have been able to gather adequate information about the brand and its products. In addition to this, many of them have reported the fact that they have built their trust and brand loyalty due to increased use of digital platforms for purchasing and analysing the product (Alserhan, et al., 2015; Aaker, 1996). This depicts the fact that digital branding is the important aspect for both Lancôme and Dior in the UAE luxury cosmetic industry because of the increased influence and attention of the customers towards the aspect. Moreover, they use of digital platforms for purchasing products is increasing widely in the UAE because consumers find it more feasible and convenient to buy their preferred cosmetic brand. Based on this, it has been evaluated that digital branding assist in understanding and evaluating perceptive of customers regarding products as well as a brand in the UAE market (Brown, et al., 2007; Chi,

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