Digital Forensic Evidence

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Explanation 1. Identification of digital evidence At this stage all the evidence supporting the investigation collected. The investigation began with the identification of where the evidence is located, where it is stored, and how to simplify storage investigation. Digital media that can be used as evidence include a computer system, storage media (such as flash disk, pen drive, hard disk, or CD-ROM), PDAs, mobile phones, smart cards, SMS, e-mail, cookies, source code, windows registry, web browser bookmarks, chat logs, documents, log files, or even a series of packet switching in computer networks. This stage is a stage which is crucial because of the evidence obtained will be very supportive of inquiry to propose someone to court and…show more content…
Evidence must be absolutely sterile means not undergone a process when submitted to any digital forensic experts for examination. because evidence Digital temporary (volatile), easily damaged, change and disappear, then depth knowledge of digital forensics expert is absolutely necessary.A small error in the handling of digital evidence can create digital evidence not recognized in the court. Even turn on and off the computer not careful it could damage / alter the…show more content…
Such as: operating systems, programming languages, media storage computers, networking, routing, communication protocols and security, cryptology, techniques inverted programming, investigative techniques, forensic computer devices, forms / formats files, and all digital devices forensic hardware and software. Then should get training or specialized training Digital Forensics from various institutions as evidenced by a certificate of expertise is not small, among others, Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP) and Certified Forensics Analyst (CFA), Experienced Computer Forensic Examiner (ECFE), Certified Computer Examiner (CCE), Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI) and Advanced Information Security (AIS). A Digital Forensic experts also determined the capacity of how many long he engaged in this, any cases that have been handled, and never asked his testimony as an expert witness in certain cases. Important for remember that a Digital Forensic expert is also bound by the rules or code of ethics such as honesty, truth, accuracy, precision action, not tampering with evidence and

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