Digital History: The American Revolution

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According to Digital History, the American Revolution was caused by seven main reasons. Those reasons would be: the absence of a titled aristocracy, the widespread ownership of property, religious diversity, the relative absence of poverty, a lack of urban development, a relative lack of deference to authority, and the presence of slavery. Digital History gives the thesis,” The Revolution was,in part, the consequence of long-term social, political, and cultural transformation. The article begins by revealing the colonies had no legally privileged social classes, unlike their counterparts England. The article states, colonial society was becoming more aristocratic. Digital History also brings forth the point, colonial people had a widespread of ownership of property. Most physical labor was performed by people who held property. By these actions the people were given economical independency. Religious diversity was another strong point of the author. Unlike the English, the colonies were much more tolerate to religious differences. The colonies relatively had a lack of poverty. England…show more content…
The concise article did not delve into the cause of the Revolution, but only set for the characteristics that set the stage for the Revolution. The real cause of the Revolutionary War, was the in colonies quickly being stripped of the Rights of Englishmen. Parliament later passed the Townshend Act in 1767, which indirectly taxed the people. The restlessness soon led to the Boston Massacre and the Boston Tea Party. In response to these acts of rebellion King George passed the “Intolerable Acts” and the Quebec Act. The people were filled with rage. England had nagged at them enough. In April 1775 the British detached troops to Lexington and Concord, which led to the first battle of the war. Though the author did provide strong characteristics, the article lacked important
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