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This article gives insights on the basic concept of digital information literacy and what are all the components of digital literacy. This paper further discuss digital natives information seeking behavior in digital library and whether they have any awareness about copyright issues and security issues in digital environment. This paper explores digital information literacy and their components of Computer literacy, internet literacy, digital library literacy, ethical literacy, Emotional literacy, and security issues in digital Era. Primary goal of this study is to discusses the basic Digital information literacy skills among RRASE Engineering college in Chennai and found that students are skilled in internet and computer literacy but they…show more content…
1. Introduction Skills needed in digital Era  Skill in digital Access  Skill in using digital resources accessed  Evaluating the digital resources according to the requirement Learning ( Literacy) not just teaching or pedagogy, it depends upon the ability of students in effective usage of digital information and the capability of handling computers and other mobile devices and he should also aware of digital rights in copyright issues and security in data sharing in social networking. 2. Digital Information Literacy  The American Library Association (ALA) states that, “ To be Information literate, a person must be able to recognize when information is needed and have the ability to locate , evaluate and use effectively the needed information”  Information literacy in the digital environment is digital information literacy  Digital inclusion in every sectors leads to the necessity of digital literacy 3. Components of Digital Information Literacy  Digital Library Literacy  Internet Literacy  Computer Literacy  Digital Ethical Literacy  Digital Emotional Literacy 3.1. Digital Library…show more content…
4. Need of digital Information literacy It is the 21st Century skill needed for user in digital environment. For security and safe use of digital resources, digital literacy is a must in digital Era. Digital natives are always with laptops or smart devices in their hand, but how effective they are using internet for their capacity building is questionable. There are many problems like Bullying, cyber crime, copyright issues, security threat, Social unawareness causes many critical. To avoid and prevent threats in digital world , digital literacy is essential. It is nothing but creating awareness in digital space. 5. Review of Literature Elango,B (2010) conducted survey of Digital information literacy of IFET engineering college faculty members in Villupuram and concluded there is a need of an orientation programme to improve the skills in e-resources and internet search tools to the faculty members of IFET College of Engineering,

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