Digital Library Advantages And Disadvantages

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7.0 The advantages and disadvantages of Digital Library 7.1 Advantages of the Digital Library A digital library is not fixed to a certain location or a building but it is built virtually and can be access from over the globe. The user can get their information from their own computer as long there as internet connection. There several advantages of this Digital Library. 7.1.1 No physical boundary The user of the digital library doesn’t need to go to the library physically, they just can access the information from all over the world, as long an Internet connection is available with them. 7.1.2 Can be access at anytime Digital libraries can be accessed at any time, 24 hours a day and 365 days of the year.
1.0 Introduction
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All of the collections are accessible by computers and the content may be stored locally, or accessed remotely. Based on Arms, digital library is a library that managed their collection of information with associated services and whereby the information is stored in digital format and can be access through a network (LAN or Internet). Digital library also responsible in the organizing, storing and retrieving all collection that contained in the library. According to Digital Library Federation, they define digital library is a organizations that provide the resource and specialized staff in selecting, structuring, offering intellectual access to interpreting, distributing, preserving the integrity of the digital library collection and be ensure the persistence over time of the digital work so that the collection been readily available for use for the library user. Digital library is defined by The DELOS Digital Library Reference Model as a virtual organization that collect, manage and preserve for long term rich digital content and offers to its user communities specialize functionality on that

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