Digital Library Characteristics

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One of the most important contribution of information technology has created a digital library, which allows users to access digital information resources from anywhere in the world. Recent developments in information and communication technologies, including web, and research funding has led to the development of research projects on digital libraries, many of which have led to job libraries.A digital library is more than a pile of books. A library adds value to information resources by organizing them and making them available.

In addition, the library serves a different set of community stakeholders frequently, casual, and potential users. Unlike a museum, it is a rare material in the library that attracts people but the ideas brought by materials, structural concepts that support
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Digital information can be viewed and used by different people according to their individual needs.
Library Digital break time, space and language barriers. Ideally, users from anywhere in the world will be able to use digital liabrary at any time and may be in any language.

Digital library is a new addition to this list of categories. However, the definition and characteristics of digital library has several different categories. They may deal with any or all kinds of different materials, or they may be designed to serve all or any particular group of users, or a specific type of instruction. Another characteristic is that it is virual. Digital library does not need to have massive building, the collection looks great substance or a group of people who work in it.
A digital library overcome barriers of geography, language and culture. In a true global digital library, almost everyone will be able to access and use the digital library from anywhere in the world. To make this versatile digital library is not easy. Some of the issues involved here, including architecture, interoperability and standards.
Effects Digital Library
A digital library brings information to
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