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1.0 DEFINITION OF DIGITAL LIBRARY The meaning of digital library can be defined in several of sources, which are book, dictionary, encyclopedia, handbook and online database. 1.1 BOOK Gobinda Chowdhury & Sudatta Chowdhury. (2003). Introduction to digital libraries. London: Facet Publishing. A digital library is an assemblage of digital computing, storage, and communications machinery together with the content and software needed to reproduce, emulate, and extend the services provided by conventional libraries based on paper and other material means of collecting, cataloging, finding, and disseminating information. A full digital library must accomplish all essential services of traditional libraries and also exploit the well-known advantages of digital storage, searching, and communication. (Govinda Chowdhury & Sudatta Chowdhury, 2003) 1.2…show more content…
2.1 BRINGS INFORMATION TO THE USERS All the libraries are responsible to give information to their users whether through in printed or non-printed materials. From the huge of library collection, the users will be easy to choose and get the information when doing their task. Same like physical library, the digital library also brings information for their users but in digital formats. According to Govinda and Sudatta (2003), digital libraries can be used and access from anywhere, anytime and many people at the same time. Other than that, digital libraries brings information to users in real-time too when they need it and cannot go directly to the library. The reader also never need to visit the library building to do their works but only controls using personal computer with a network connection. It is an easy ways for all readers or providers. The

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