Digital Literacy Advantages And Disadvantages

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1. What is digital literacy? Advantages and Disadvantages? Digital Literacy is our ability to access information using communication technologies and technological tools to create, analyze and communicate information which requires both cognitive and technical skills. Advantages that often come with people who is digitally literate is that they are well informed and educated about current events because they have digital devices like smartphones and computers to access the internet. The internet provides up to date news about everything that happens locally, nationally and globally through news articles, blog posts, social media accounts and other applications like the news app, weather app, etc. Another advantage is that digital literacy increases collaboration. People all over the world, near and far get to join together online to work and communicate through their computer and smartphones. For example I can go on Facebook to send a message to my sister, who is in Spain, without actually having to go there, therefore collaborating online is made easier, more efficient, and fast. Other advantages of digital literacy is in Health; where people use the internet to look for health information online, Education; where online classes make it easier for students to do assignments in the comfort of…show more content…
Digital divide exists with the educated and the uneducated. People who have access to the internet and computers are more informed about what goes on around the world because they have access to photos, videos, news, etc. that are shared and posted online. They are also able to communicate with others without the need of any physical contact, making it easy and paperless. Factors that do contribute to the digital divide include education; no access to computers, income; not enough money to buy digital devices, geographic location; no access to the internet/wifi, and age; elderly people who don’t participate in the digital world, are all factors that increase the digital

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