Digital Marketing Disadvantages

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Disadvantages of Online Marketing  Easier to have out dated information on internet, update timing is a critical issue here.  Many web visitors expect something for free. Do you have something to offer free?  There is a lot of competition in the market and by the time visitor reaches the product they have already gone through many links and got the required product. Unless they find what they are looking for quickly.  There are many pros and cons of internet marketing. Its important to consider each when creating internet marketing strategy. Digital marketing: Boon or Bane to real India !!! The Rural India is the home of the country’s most abundant natural resource. Rural India known as Real India is being highly ignored with respect to several parameters of development. The areas to be focussed for development are the basic amenities like illiteracy, Poverty, High Inflation rates, Power supply, Hygiene Sanitation, child labour and many more. With its amazing diversity and variety, real India is also a commercial hotspot and is inviting several companies and travellers from all across the world. Taking advantage of this “the growth and potential” Rural India has really made its presence felt recently. Considering these several aspects this paper explores the challenges and opportunities of digital marketing in rural India. (Through descriptive research) Challenges of digital marketing in Rural India 1. Standard of living: The number of people below the poverty line is
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