The Pros And Cons Of Outsourcing Security Services (MDR)

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The Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Security Services to a Digital MDR: A Guide for CISOs Digital Managed Detection and Response services (digital MDRs) are outsourced cybersecurity teams focused on protecting businesses from cyber threats by comprehensively and continuously monitoring risk across digital channels. As the threats organizations face in the digital realm continue to evolve and proliferate, it seems only logical for organizations to outsource cybersecurity to a digital MDR. It makes even more sense considering the advanced technology and leading experience offered by Managed Detection and Response services (MDRs) when compared to most, if not all, internal cybersecurity teams. Before making a decision about outsourcing, it…show more content…
Because a third party now has our backs, the thinking might go, there’s less of a need to be vigilant. The Pros of Outsourcing Outsourcing cybersecurity to a digital MDR, quite simply, ensures better detection of and response. In the end, vigilance of cyber threats lurking in digital channels is digital MDRs’ core business. They invest in the latest technology and make sure it is being constantly updated. They hire highly-skilled expert staff that’s more experienced when it comes to threat detection and response than any in-house security team. A digital MDR offers these services to a multitude of customers across several industries and verticals, and therefore can correlate and cross-reference cyberthreats, while gathering and analyzing data from a wide variety of sources at the same time . As a result, a digital MDR has a better understanding of the constantly-evolving and complicated threat landscape than in-house security teams do. Digital MDRs are laser focused on monitoring digital risks that organizations face on social, mobile and web channels. Their sophisticated digital risk monitoring tools do not only guard traditional internet gateways but also face inward to detect threats that usually go unseen by the perimeter security…show more content…
A digital MDR has a dedicated, well-trained team of security specialists to support you and mitigate the threats before they materialize into events. These specialists have the time, know-how, resources and technology to stay ahead of the game. And an MDR has the resources and ability to scale up or down services as needed, knowing that clients sometimes need extra assistance. When it comes to costs, digital MDRs don’t offer bargain-basement prices. They do have to pay for a world-class team of experts and cutting-edge technology, after all. However, because the costs for a digital MDR are distributed across its entire customer base, the fees are often reasonable. In addition, digital MDR can leverage economies of scale when it comes to technology providers and therefore offer technological solutions to their customers at a price that is lower than the current market price. In addition, Digital MDRs remain current on latest technologies and gear, making sure to constantly update their tech offerings. Constantly updating technological solutions is simply not feasible for in-house teams. Fully understanding digital risk requires analyzing data in the right context while continuously gathering information across disparate digital assets. To do this, you need to invest in a wide variety of technologies. That is expensive and labor
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