Digital Media Disadvantages

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by Lowry (2017), children with slow developmental will often experience improvement in their vocabulary, they also understand how words can be broken up into smaller parts. This benefits the teacher as children get the extra help that they need.
Disadvantages of digital media
Just like the advantage of digital media, there are also a few disadvantages. Digital media can be overwhelming for younger children because of the vast amount of information that is given at a time. Children often get distracted while looking at the given information and this makes the purpose quite pointless. Through digital media children’s attitudes and habits are affected as well as their state of mind because of the interaction with the internet-based content.
Teachers aren’t always lucky to be placed at schools with well-equipped technology and electricity. Teachers have to be able to rely on their own creativity when faced with a situation where they are placed at a disadvantaged school or in a rural area. There are also times when a back-up is needed if there is no electricity or data. Many parents also like a hard copy of what the children are doing as it isn’t possible to underline important information in a digital format.
With digital media children are distracted with the buttons and the movement compared to what they are actually supposed to learn. With digital media because of the speed children won’t often be asked about the story. With traditional print its easier to stop and
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