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What effect does digital media have on people's lives? In this new age everyone uses at least some form of digital media. May it be USING an app on a mobile phone or your favourite show on television, it is a form of digital media. Today ,Digital media helps us interact with friends and family that live far away and has let us interact beyond the ideological boundaries of social,economic,cultural,political,and religious beliefs
Digital media has affected the world in a very huge way, in ways good and bad but it is the reason why our life is so easy and we are able to perform the things we do faster and in a more efficient manner these days and it is important that we have awareness of the effects of using the forms
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The french government has had many clashes over privacy concerns with social media accounts. France has even banned the usage of words Facebook and Twitter from French TV and radio stations as they think that this somehow promotes the social media platforms. Even after so much discouragement from using social media,young audience mostly people that are in the band of 18-24 years old popularly use social media platforms.Facebook , twitter and Linkedin are the most common platforms of social media used. Use of Social media has also been increased by businesses and they now our also turning towards using the social media sites such as facebook. Digital media has had lot of advancement in France. Innovations have become a part of daily life and It is hard to live without these innovations. According to inria .fr “59% of people can no longer live without their mobile phone,56% without the Internet,52% without search engines and 51% without their personal computer. Digital media has also affected people in a bad way. Influence of Digital media has decreased the time people spend on relationships.According to “31% of French People regret the consequences that digital technology has on their family relationships,34% when it comes to their love…show more content…
Let's take an example of an app called Wechat. “WeChat is the largest social network in China, with over 900 million users daily. Chinese users spend an average of over 70 minutes a day within the app.” Wechat was first just a phone chat app like whatsapp but now it has evolved to all in one platform that is a combination of social media sites like facebook and payment app.Today the app is used for restaurant bookings, booking flights, making investments, shopping, paying bills, hailing taxis, transferring money etc. Most of China’s Internet revolves around websites like Baidu,Alibaba and Tencent as the western websites like Google Facebook and Twitter are banned in China. Although there is no Facebook and Twitter and other such sites,the usage of Internet in China is still at large.According to state news agency Xinhua, citing a senior government official, “There are more than 730 million active social media users in China”. Social media is mostly dominated by platforms Weibo, WeChat, Baidu and Taobao as these have the most number of users. Weibo is the twitter of china and Baidu is a search engine like google. These are the most popular social media platforms around china and widely used around the

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