Digital Media Ethics Case Study

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Ethical Guidelines
Vanessa M. Mares

Description of Ethical Code
I picked two great organizations to describe and analyze their code of ethics. The National Press Photographers Association is very professional society that tried to attempt the highest standards in showcasing visual journalism. Their code for the video journalists who manage this visual news productions are accountable for applying several standards to their work. They need to be accurate, resist the temptation to be manipulated by opportunities to stage photos treat every subject with dignity, when editing it should be done to enhance the photo not manipulate or change the situation and do not accept any gifts or bribes. The Public Relations Society of America
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They both have common themes that relate to existing professional code of ethics with digital media communication. What are ethics? “ Moral rules of conduct that guide one‟s decisions.‟ Both deal with digital media ethics, very clear ethical problems. Digital news media or communication deals with public relations organizations or newspapers, or photojournalism like the examples I shared. Both have to question and deal with how this media should research or share stories or use images. Both have common themes that they have to deal with how things have changed as well. The internet encourages new forms of public relations, photojournalism and these new ways are interactive and immediate. It’s a chaotic world that is changing at a really fast pace. But common themes are apparent, such as truth and honesty, impartiality, professionalism, and humanity. Based on these common themes and the research I read about I have formed my own set of ethical guidelines. (Moore, Murray 2012). Journalists can’t always say that want they are putting out there is the truth, but they can get the facts accurate. They should always strive to make…show more content…
Start a new page for each table, include a table number and table title for each, as shown on this page. All explanatory text appears in a table note that follows the table, such as this one. Use the Table/Figure style to get the spacing between table and note. Tables in APA format can use single or 1.5 line spacing. Include a heading for every row and column, even if the content seems obvious. To insert a table, on the Insert tab, tap Table. New tables that you create in this document use APA format by
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