Digital Media In The Fashion Industry

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Digital media has invaded practically every sector in society, and hence, digital marketing is a trend that has entwined itself deeply in every industry that exists – And the fashion industry is no exception to this ongoing phenomenon. However, the fashion industry is unique in that fashion trends often change even faster than advancements in the digital media. It is true that we have jumped from wireless phones with limited storage to smartphones that can practically double as a compact laptop computer (and more) within less than a decade, but fashion, be it in any form, changes even faster. But it isn 't the speed of change that is capturing everyone 's interest right now; rather, it 's the sheer complexity with which the fashion…show more content…
Social media and Influencers rule the marketing roost of the fashion industry: Social media is the current trendsetter when it comes to fashion. And it is the influencers on social media who really get any fashion trends going now. Because, as the average Indian user spends more time on social media websites than on any other online platform, it is the trends they see there (especially when endorsed by the Influencers they follow) that dictates their own patterns of fashion-related shopping. E-commerce is where digital marketing for the fashion industry truly thrives: E-commerce in India is still in the booming stage – and the fashion industry is no exception. Outfits and fashion accessories of various styles and combos – both branded as well as hand-made – can all be bought online now. Hence, the current digital marketing trends in the fashion industry more or less revolve around the e-commerce sector of the World Wide Web. For, not only is online shopping a more convenient form of shopping, but it also has the potential to make the styles and fashion items available at a global level (if the store chooses to ship to an audience that wide). Celebrity endorsement can take a fashion brand or store a long…show more content…
Because fashion consumers don 't just want you to tell them a fashion brand or store is great; they also expect to gain other kinds of value from it in order to be impressed. In fact, fashion brands and stores that have carefully crafted online updates and blog posts regarding their business and fashion styles (i.e., tips, interviews, exclusives, etc.) have seen a massive upturn in consumer engagement like none other. Digital marketing strategies for the fashion industry just can 't be without content

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