A Modest Proposal

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Abstract- The purpose of this paper is to propose a conceptual digital platform where it is possible to connect malfunctioned electronic device owners and the repairmen to get the repairing done. This is a Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C) business model where the malfunctioned electronic device owners will be able to find a repairman to repair their devices. On the other side, for the freelance repairmen this solution will enable them to find clients easily and effectively. As people feel hectic to go shopping in repairing their devices, the proposed digital platform shall become a convenient platform. Our world is changing every day along with the evolving technologies. There are new electronic devices, new inventions coming everyday everywhere.…show more content…
Kaodim enables users to find any service professional like a plumber, a wedding photographer, a yoga teacher, or an interior designer. They advertise themselves as the go-to platform helping customers to get the jobs done that are important to their city lives, everything from modeling their homes to photography, learning new skills and so more. At this moment, Kaodim is serving in Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, and Indonesia. Their monetization model is similar to ServisHero’s monetization…show more content…
Page Advisor was conceptualized and founded by Fabian Lim, famous serial online entreprenure from Singapore. PageAdvisor also has Android, iOS, and web application to serve their users. There is a range of tasks available on PageAdvisor from tasks around the home like deliveries, cleaning, gardening and handyman work to tasks for businesses like office admin, promotional work or computer & IT support. There also a range of creative tasks like photography, graphic design and website & blog support which can help people earn money online. PageAdvisor holds the service charge in their system until the job is done, then the service charge is delivered to the service provider. The system will deduct the service fee (15%) which includes Insurance, Handling and and transaction costs in this

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