Digital Technology: The Negative Impact Of Technology

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Over the past decades, technology has consumed our culture. The digital environment we live in today is enveloping us. The rapid expansion of New technology is becoming more affordable and accessible globally. As each generation changes, so does technology. There are controversial arguments on whether it is a more beneficial impact or it has more of a negative impact on society. Technology comes in many varieties that are all multi-functioning. The simplicity of the power behind technology is evolving faster than ever. It is powerful enough to brainwash us and change our lives forever. Yet, there is arguments it already has, they claim we have lost our ability to communicate with one another.
Digital technology consumes every aspect of our life. Technology now is communication, entertainment, retail, search engines, and so much more. Back then information searches would take days, now the internet can do anything you tell it to do within seconds. Nicholas Carr defines internet as “An immeasurably powerful computing system.” It is “…subsuming most of our other intellectual technologies.” He claims that it is “becoming our map, clock, our printing press and our typewriters, our calculator and our telephone, our radio and TV” (114). He argues we have become a culture that is so dependent on the internet we are only hurting ourselves. It is shortening our attentions spans and chipping away the capacity of concentration. Although that may be true, Gary Small and Gigi Vorgan
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