Digital Traffic Violation

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Nowadays we observe there is a major issue of a traffic violation, traffic rules break and accidents occur on road or highways. Generally the burning issue of vehicle theft and crime so it will completely reduce taken some important steps. We are studying and learn these problems of traffic violation we need to solve that.

1.2 AIM:

The project aims to design a prevention of traffic rules break and vehicle theft Control using Image processing. And implement the Traffic violation Controller in MATLAB. The traffic in road crossings/junctions is controlled by the Traffic Control Person (TCP). The Traffic violation Controller is designed to generate an E-memo and send this to his owner if they are any traffic rules break. And the finding the
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This uses the Matrix Laboratory (MATLAB) to retrieve and analyze the result.


The monitoring and control of city traffic is becoming a major problem in many countries. With the ever increasing number of vehicles on the road, we have to find new ways or measures of overcoming such a problem.

Digital image processing technology allows the implementation of real-life rules similar to the way humans would think. For example, humans would think in the following way to control traffic situation at a certain junction: if the traffic is heavier on the north or south lanes and the traffic on the west or east lanes is less, then the vehicles are break the rules. Such rules can now be easily accommodated in the CCTV footage and Recognize this person.

We referred the IEEE literature “MATLAB EXERCISES IN SUPPORT OF TEACHING DIGITAL IMAGE PROCESSING” which helped us in the prior search.
We are searching inside the website like qr-code generator which is making our Group information inside the QR code
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It is interface with the network at Traffic control Room.
When the vehicle is going on road at same time the any attempt Traffic rules break like zebra crossing cross.
Suddenly the camera will detect the car which is on the zebra crossing when signal light is Red (stop).
According to algorithm the penalty will be generate memo and send through either matlab mail or GSM via sms.


Environment should be like the high speed computer system with high bandwidth connection of internet.
It requires a high definition camera because it will detect from far distance.
The environment should be clear so QR code and Number plate easily decoding through the system software.
It required a quick response of data and collect the information and getting the fast result of traffic rules breaks by vehicle.


Discussed the basic fundamental concepts of image processing with the Internal Guide and helped us with the MATLAB Coding issues.
By surfing the internet we studied different kinds of literature and had a basic idea about how to implement the project definition in the MATLAB

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