Digitsole Marketing Plan

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A promotional plan is when a company uses all different forms of marketing strategies to implement, and analysing the steps to make the product or service a successful launch. Similar to how the company can implement ways to introduce their product into the market and generate sales and profits by the end of the launch.

Promotional planning is a set of the marketing tools, tactics and resources that an organisation plans to use in order to promote their goods and services. A promotional plan is usually a fundamental planning tool used by most businesses that helps contribute towards the successful launch of a new product or service or its expansion into a new market.

This promotional plan covers all the different steps of communicating between the company and the potential consumers. It focuses
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There are 3 basic components to promotional planning, which includes advertising, sales promotion and personal selling. All of these are different strategies in which a company are able to implement in order to promote their new launch of product into the market.

Identify Target Market
Digitsole is aiming to introduce the product SMARTSHOE 001 to Singaporeans. However, not all Singaporeans would be interested in this product. It is a smart shoe, that not only is used for protecting your soles while walking the streets. The SMARTSHOE 001 has several other properties, such as automatic tightening, wireless charging, a tracking device that can track the number of steps you took or save your race track and walking route. And while this shoe has many interesting and helpful functions for some people, this shoe is not an affordable one. For example, a teenager will not be able to purchase this item on their own without the help from their parents. For this shoe, I would think that the working adults would be appropriate.

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