Digoxin Case Study

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Between June 1980 and March 1981, Hospital for Sick Children found several newborn infants dead. At first, officials believed the incident was just an unfortunate coincidence as at the time it was not incredibly uncommon for multiple people to pass away within a 10 month period. At a later date, an autopsy of a newly passed baby revealed an unusually large amount of digoxin. Digoxin is a drug used to regulate a hearts beating pattern. Shortly after another infant had also died from an increased amount of digoxin. The hospital heavily regulated the drug called Digoxin and gave a select few access to the drug in response to the infants unfortunate deaths. Susan Nelles was a nurse working in the hospital at the time of every infant’s death. Most of the infants who died, due to the high amounts of digoxin, were in Nelles’ care. Nelles was also one of the few who had common access to the drug in charge of regulating the rhythmic pattern of the heart. However, after much research done in forth…show more content…
Research was later done on the rubber used and the possibility of the digoxin only being coincidental. They found that newborns naturally create this substance called digoxin. This is because the infant’s heart and body need extra assistance in maintaining a consistent heart rate. When we look at Older kids and adults we do not find much of any digoxin in their bloodstreams. This is because their developed bodies do not need this booster to help keep itself steady. This was a huge point made in Nelles’ case. Susan Nelles, a women who used to work for one of the largest Children 's Hospital in Canada had been accused of one of the most unspeakable crimes a human could commit. This short and unprofessional paper was not designed to convince, but to please a rather large length for a topic with consisting of little information regarding the very topic of Susan Nelles. Whether she was right or wrong, is not for this paper to decide. Instead it lies in the hands of society to
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