Animal Welfare Thesis

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My Thesis Statement: Globalization with its ideology of wealth creation has discarded the impacts it has on animal rights, and instead deteriorated the constitutional rights of animals.
Appleby, Michael C, Daniel M Weary, and Peter Sandøe. Dilemmas in Animal Welfare. 1st ed. Oxfordshire: CAB International, 2014. Print.
The authors present multiple issues in “animal welfare,” one of which is the “tail docking dairy cows” so that their udder health would improve, but such actions did not have any improvement effect (2). The authors talk about the conceptualising the idea of animal welfare, and present a different perspective from pet owners to animal haters to those considering animal rights as equal as to humans. The authors’ idea of presenting
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The article describes how camels are used to undergo severe treatment during racing when they are fitted with a robotic jockey trained to win. This makes the camel undergo torture, even when it is not willing to race. The robots fitted forces the camel to run faster and win the race. This is a great animal right violation, especially by the prince of Abu Dhabi and other rich and wealthy businessmen. This is a “grave violation” by the owners of camels (1). The camels are also used as meat when they are no longer fit to be in the race. Such atrocious behaviour is not pardonable. The article is not complete with full details providing all information, but it starts the issue in the right frame of argument. The issue of animal right through the violation of camel racing and how they are forcefully made to undergo racing under severe conditions and a “robotic jockey,” is well described which instigates the awareness of the issue to be resolved (1). During my research, I have noted that animals are being abused in gulf…show more content…
The author prepares us for the “end of globalization,” as it has created much damage to the social, economic, cultural, and spiritual fabric of a society, not leaving animals out (1). The impact on animals has been severe, sometimes low and sometimes immediate, when climate changes made a slow depart from ideal conditions for animal subsistence, and climate related natural disasters killing thousands of animals in one event. The biological damage that globalization has created is far more destructive than assumed and analysed, because the damage done once does multiple in the forest and subsequent natural environment changes making it difficult for animals to survive as they best could under previous unharmed conditions. The author is spot-on about the issues that emerges from globalization and is critical of the view that it serves public and global interest of all beings, because since the “dominant market system” of globalization has come to be used and misused, there has been consistent destruction of animals and their welfare (3). The quality and the amount of information that I have found in this source helped me with investigating about rare animal
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