Dilemmas For Racial Discrimination In The 50's

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Gabriel Chac English IV Mrs. Nemo 5 March 2018 Racial Discrimination Racial discrimination is when someone 's values are discriminated against or are treated differently such as racism. It has a vast effect on people because of their skin color. This introduces a huge burdensome for people who are not able to be “normal” in society. The 50’s was an era of great deal of dilemmas for black segregation. African Americans have been fighting for equal rights for so long. All of the incidents that has happened still has not granted them equality towards every other ethnicity. In many cases, given the amount of events that happened in the 50’s, there were many incidents that transpired in the 50’s such as Rosa Parks. She was a forty-three year old black woman who refused to give up her seat on the bus to a white person. She instigated the Montgomery Bus Boycott in 1955. Parks felt as if she deserved better. This later led to blacks refusing to use the buses which was beneficial to them but very unfortunate for the buses. “The bus boycott demonstrated the potential for nonviolent mass protest to successfully challenge racial segregation and served as an example for other southern campaigns that followed.” (king encyclopedia) Because of this action, the buses started to lose money and started to lose their income considering the fact that many black people use the buses to get to their houses, jobs and other places. Eventually, the Supreme Court found that the bus

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