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Another well known abolitionist and worker of the Underground Railroad is Levi Coffin. He was born in North Carolina. In his youth, he always believed that slavery was wrong. During his childhood, he lived near a place where slaves were chained together. Therefore, he saw many slaves and the way they were treated. One day, Levi’s father talked to one of the slaves. Later, the slave was punished by his master and whipped for talking to Levi’s father. Levi never forgot this, for he was with his father and experienced it with his own eyes. The family became part of the Underground Railroad and their house was called the “Grand Central Station” because no slave was ever captured or returned from there house. So, Levi was known as the “president” of the Underground Railroad. The Underground Railroad was a success due to everyone’s flexibility and cooperation as well as this hero and Harriet’s leadership. Another abolitionist was Frederick Douglass, who was born in 1817, in Maryland. Lucky for him, he was able to work for other people when working for his master and he could keep…show more content…
She does not think of freedom but instead thinks of going back. She was born in Booneville, Minnesota on January 2, 1845. Until she was fifteen years old, she was the slave of Charles Mitchell. Then, she went to Thomas Steele and his wife. One day, she was messing around with the fly brush, while Mr. and Mrs. Steele were eating their lunch. She overheard their conversation, to find that Mrs. Steele was not happy with the way she had acted. Mr. Steele took the fly brush out of her hand and tapped her with it to satisfy Mrs. Steele. Dilicia became upset and ran away. Mr. Steele sent people to look for her and said that if she came back, she would never be picked on anymore. Meanwhile, she hid in some nearby woods for two weeks. After those two weeks, she went home and was never bothered
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