Dillard's Written Communication Case Study

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In the last few weeks during my internship at Dillard’s, the managers have covered the topics of how the company creates and communicate its messages. They explained how emails, meetings, and documents help distribute information from corporate down to the employees and vice versa. I found that written communication is the most prominent form of communication at Dillard’s. The electronic mailing system through Dillard’s intranet is the primary means of delivering messages among employees. Corporate has standards, quotas, rules, sales and price adjustments that arises daily in this retail environment. The primary way to distribute bulks of information is through email. Corporate will send what information is necessary to the store managers, which then the store manager will break down what information is vital and apply them. Afterwards, the store managers pass on the information to what is important to the sales…show more content…
The documents are delivered through Dillard’s “Docushare” system found via their intranet. They are files that are compressed to hold large sums of information, typically training videos, online seminars, tutorials and other forms of information, which are accessed by the employees and managers at will. This is to allow employees to educate themselves without having to wait for a meeting or a manager to explain it to them. The last form of written communication that is utilized throughout the store are signs and price tags. The signs will communicate to customers the promotions and deals that are available. It will let them know what sale is going on for the day, or the gift you can receive with purchase. It makes them knowledgeable of what is going on in the store, without having to ask an employee, or wait for one to tell them if there are any deals going on for the day. The price tags which are attached to the products, nonverbally tell the customer how much they will have to spend on the
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