Dilma Rousseff's Negative Influence On Brazil

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Though Dilma Rousseff had high and great expectations and beliefs, her presidency has unfortunately unleashed many negative aspects on the country of Brazil. In the first round of the presidential election, she did not receive the total votes needed for her election; though in the second round, she received 56% of the votes and won, making her the first women president of Brazil ever. Another tactic she used, was the continuation of the previous Brazilian president, Lula’s, social welfare policies. This factor made her popular among lower classes and gained votes in her favor. Though as time when on, her unsatisfactory changes, also changed people's mindsets on her. People were no longer satisfied with her presidency and soon turned on her. It's not hard to swallow people’s negativity towards Dilma Rousseff, if one can understand Brazil's consequences of having her as their leader. Dilma Rousseff has had many negative impacts on Brazil because of corruption, involvement with the Petrobras scandal, and for her misuse of money. Dilma Rousseff has had many negative impacts on Brazil, one of which being corruption. Dilma Rousseff spent money extravagantly, made unproductive tax breaks towards favored industries, and made higher pensions. All of these examples helped factor in the corruption done.…show more content…
She spent money extravagantly p, made unproductive tax breaks toward favored industries, and made higher pensions. She also made illegal payments, threatened to damage and take away politicians, and for plummeting the economy. Lastly, she used funds from state banks to cover budget shortfalls, was irresponsible with Brazil's fiscal laws, and upset Brazil's economic stability. Because of all this negativity, is Dilma Rousseff going to remain Brazil's taciturn and failing president, or is impeachment in her near
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