Green Economy Essay

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Green Economy – is defined by the Environmental program of the United Nations (UNEP) as “one that results in improved human well-being and social equity, while significantly reducing environmental risks and ecological scarcities.” Green economy does not mean that we need to sacrifice what we have but to work altogether to have a world where low carbon and environmentally friendly technologies and international participation plays a key role (United Nations Environment Programme, 2015)
Another definition of Green economy is that it can be an alternate concept for growth and development, in which it can produce growth and progress in people’s lives in a way that is reliable
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This roadmap signifies an inclusive and multidisciplinary attempt to define the concept of green economy and to encourage a shared understanding. The road map emphasized the importance of business to introduce solutions for worldwide global challenges and have also appointed 10 conditions required for a green economy, of which “economic growth and environmental responsibility work together in a mutually reinforcing fashion while supporting progress on social development.” (International Chamber of Commerce,…show more content…
The ADSW discusses about the interrelated challenges that influence the spurt spread and acceptance of sustainable development and clean energy. This will also focus on this issue as they will address the global energy challenge, the association between economic advancement, and abolition of poverty, securing energy, and shortage of water and climate change. ADSW if the biggest gathering focusing on sustainability in the history of Middle East, which reassures real output to open a new door towards a sustainable

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