Dimmesdale In Nathaniel Hawthorne's 'The Scarlet Letter'

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Author Dimmesdale In Christian’s view, Bible teach that God will save them by admit their sin. Although in Buddhism’s view, concept of sin is not clear, in order from them to jump out of the transmigration, they need to admit the sin. Human are living in a world that flood with sins and evil behavior, that people not only not acknowledge their sin, but also try to deny it. Author Nathaniel Hawthorne viewed the corruption of the church and government and their hidden sin. Hawthorne portrayed Dimmesdale ,a combine of sinner and saint, change by his hidden to show people the power of hidden sin. Hawthorne describe Dimmesdale as a young faithful prayer, that came to the new world and to save the people. In the eyes of the people, he is pointed by God as a saver and he will use his knowledge to serve people. In the eyes of the church, Dimmesdale’s knowledge is better than any priest in the town, as a reason of that, Dimmesdale earned the supreme …show more content…

As a faithful believer, Dimmesdale put all of his heart in to God, but he cannot admit his relationship with Hester. He did not realize his mistake until he talked with Hester at the forest. God plans a perfect place for Dimmesdale to claim his sin, the same place Hester reveal seven years ago. He admit his sin as a winner who fight with sin.Author use irony to show those do not admit sin that sin will reveal no matter how you hide it. “ ‘Thou hast escaped me!" he repeated more than once. "Thou hast escaped me!’ ”( Chapter 23 Scarlet letter), although Chillingworth try to stop Dimmesdale to tell the truth, but Dimmesdale is firm his in his stand and admit his sin. Finally, seven years of fighting with the hidden sin he win and died as the winner of the fight with evil. After he admitted his sin, he can embrace God’s mercy and grace. God set Dimmesdale free when he admitted his

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