Dimmesdale's Chest Symbolism In Scarlet Letter

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The Red Mark on Dimmesdale’s Chest In the Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne what was Dimmesdale’s mark, and what caused him to constantly put his hand over his heart? The red mark on Dimmesdale’s chest represents the same thing Hester’s scarlet letter did. The red mark on Dimmesdale’s chest represents adultery in the beginning, guilt in the middle, and pain and death in the end. The stressor that made Dimmesdale feel worse was Hester’s first husband Chillingworth. Hester who was caught committing adultery was condemned with standing on a scaffolding with a scarlet letter A the rest of her life. Though the male adulterer was never caught Hester’s husband Chillingworth sought out to make this person's life a living hell. This person was…show more content…
Dimmesdale and Hester met in the woods and planned to run away together after Hester told Dimmesdale about Chillingworth being the husband. After they agreed, and they left the forest, he become even darker. Wanting to create pain and havoc wherever he went. He almost felt freer of not needing to hide his sin from everyone anymore. When their plan was finally in effect the ship to take them to England was inhabited by Old Roger Chillingworth who looked terrible now. By this time Chillingworth’s sin is almost as bad as Dimmesdale’s. Dimmesdale has prepared a sermon for everyone to hear for the New England Holiday. Hester and Pearl stood on the scaffold which after the sermon was over Dimmesdale also ended up. Dimmesdale said “At last- at last!- I stand upon the spot where, seven years since, I should have stood, here, with this woman, whose arm, more than a little strength wherewith I have crept hitherward, sustains me at this dreadful moment, from grovelling down upon my face!” (Hawthorne 153). He admitted everything to all the people and stood with Hester and Pearl on the scaffold. He told Chillingworth, who didn’t want him to confess because he would lose all his power, that his sin was also great. Pearl give Dimmesdale a kiss before he died from guilt, and the people couldn’t believe their favorite clergymen had committed adultery. The people then realized in his flesh a scarlet
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