Dimock Center Case Study

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The name of the program is Dimock Center Health Services. The Dimock center founded on July 1, 1862 as the New England Hospital for Women and Children was the first hospital in New England opened and operated by women for women. It’s located in Roxbury, at 1800 Columbus Avenue. Roxbury, MA 02119. The Dimock Center’s behavioral Health service is a program that was created to help individuals and families in Boston and Roxbury area to heal and grow to their full potential within a community setting. To that end, Dimock is the largest provider of substance and mental health services within a community health setting in Massachusetts. Their substance abuse program extends to the entire Dimock community, including children, adolescents and…show more content…
Dimock center is a nonprofit and government founded organization, which means the staffs are very little compensated for the relentless work they do. This survey helped me have a better understanding of inpatient and outpatient intensive rehab treatment. This organization believe in giving this special population many chances to rehabilitate and transform their lives for better outcomes. After treatment, patients are still followed by their designated case worker. Moreover, caseworker help recovered addicts go back to school, find housing, resolve their troubles with the law and find jobs. The detox department makes sure staff members understand first, and believe in their mission statement, which is; at Dimock they believe every life is precious. Most people believe that their regulations are strict; nonetheless it helps these individuals to avoid relapses and save their lives. I was told that regardless of all the security put in place, most the patients find ways to sneak in illegal drugs while in rehabilitation. One the many challenges they have is keeping the staffs and also the patients safe because some the patients’ symptoms become difficult to manage. Although rare, they have patients who overdose during their stay, however the staffs are trained on how to administrate

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