Dinner Menu Research Paper

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A Dinner Menu I currently was chosen for a huge task to take on. I will be preparing a huge dinner for a business meeting. Hardly anyone wants to be stuck with something like this, since the meal is usually the biggest part of a meeting. If the food does not taste good then no one is going to be happy and the meeting could end in a disaster. Having really bad luck with cooking, or the way it turned out could no longer be the problem. The dinner menu I will be preparing to celebrate a special occasion will include: a nice juicy steak, fresh corn on the cob, hash brown with bacon casserole, and for the dessert peanut butter pie. The steak will be a seasoned and hickory smoked with a little A-1 sauce added into it. The steaks will be from the Omaha Steak Company, that will cause it to be easy to cut and you will not need any sauce, or any kind of seasoning to add taste to it due to it being added in where the steak will be marinated in this for about 8 hours. There will also be sweet corn served, this corn will also be right out of…show more content…
The steak by far when it is cooked this way is the best thing I have ever tried it may have restaurant steak beat if not its close most of the time. Corn on the cob to me has to be fresh or only a couple days old to still be good, otherwise it just does not taste good and is watery not many really like it when their food is not fresh. The hash brown casserole with bacon is really good the bacon helps by giving it a smoky flavor which is most of the time the best flavor ever, the sour cream just gives a hint of sour taste. There will also be seasonings added in with the hash browns, and then a secret spice that will be combined that will have just a little bit of heat. The peanut butter pie with chocolate chips is also really good and a lot of people like this desert my opinion is because it includes two amazing
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