Dinner Party Symbolism

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The Dinner Party by Judy Chicago is a vital art installation with significant metaphorical connotations. This massive triangular table that measures 48 feet on each side is a visual metaphor of political significance. As a feminist piece of art, The Dinner Party is set for 39 important women of all time, ranging from ancient goddesses to key historical figures. This collaborative art installation celebrates the accomplishments, endeavors and renowned powers of female figures that have not been recognized in androcentric traditions (Baguley and Kerby 253). Therefore, the art installation serves as a tool to empower women. The Dinner Party uses the table to show symbolic meanings of breaking the historical silence. Some art scholars argue that Chicago’s work is a feminist art intended for political activism. This form of art aims to be open, participatory and expresses the collective and personal experiences of women. Chicago’s artwork draws from historical and mythological figures to celebrate the efforts of women in making a considerable difference in society (Ciobanu 94). The floral vulvas coupled with the triangular-shaped outline of the table are symbolic of vaginas. The art installation is metaphorically linked to the Greek letter delta (Δ) that is extensively used to signify the vulva. In this sense, the triangular layout…show more content…
As such, it challenges the dominant value system perpetuated overtly and covertly via the regular occurrence of images that emphasize male history, experience, and value. Such art does not present equivalent images to honor women. This multimedia installation, therefore, provokes the involvement of viewers by giving them the opportunity to celebrate this female history. By participating, viewers are exposed to an alternative account of women history
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