Dinner With Walter Mitty Essay

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Dinner with Walter mitty it would be fun and kind of .Walter would be a nice man to talk and eat with at a dinner table.But Mitty would go to a different place than at the dinner table like in an imaginary place in lala land. People would make fun of him and would throw things at him and think he is a weirdo and a creep because the was just in a different place. He was in the place for 3/4s of the time to and from his job in the cafe on main street. For example, the drive to the to his job to the cafe was long and not fun when he was acting like a co pilot and he would go and grab the steering wheel and we almost crashed into a police car. After we almost crashed into the police car we would talk for at least 5 min. before he would go back…show more content…
uniquely,the drive home was terrifying Walter was driving 10 miles over the speed limit because he was dreaming of being a Nascar Driver he almost drove into a house when I pulled the steering on main street.I snapped him into the real world then I made him pull over and we switched so I could drive.After I was about to lose my life, then we talked about what will be his plans next week so I can take him to breakfast next week and how he told me he was fine with going to breakfast. After I dropped him off at his house he told me how he wanted to see me one of these days so he and his daughter want to go get ice cream,I told him it was fine.when he got to the top step he turned around and said “see you next week Jose” I waved back and drove off.In conclusion,Walter would be a good person to eat with at dinner.I think he is a creative and humorous person to sit and eat.Mitty will put a smile on your face if you're not happy he be there “but probublay not lisen” but he will be there for the most
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